This website contains images of a mature nature (boys being comfortably but genuinely restrained), including a little nudity (gasp).
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So you know what you're getting into... I'm into tying boys up with pantyhose segufix rope metal handcuffs oooh I really like handcuffs I have tons of high-security handcuffs hoods heavy darlexx hoods spandex you probably can tell I'm really obsessed with pantyhose pantyhose pantyhose all things pantyhose bodysuits bodystockings I wear pantyhose every day all day for all my sessions and in everyday life when you come here I'll answer the door in pantyhose but anyway back to the subject at hand I also like rope SEGUFIX love segufix casting as in medical casts braces neck braces llc short leg casts wheelchairs love to play doctor or nurse dress-up you can be my patient strapped in strapped down sedated for the night role plays wheelchairs bandages bodycasts fiberglass plaster rigid immobile can't move awww poor sweetie bet you're getting hard under there bet you're getting hard just reading my keywords hahaha so cute so pathetic you haven't even clicked enter and you're already taking one hand off the keyboard I like humiliation actually I loveee humiliation although I'm not too keen on the term "humiliatrix" it's a silly word made up by silly little boys pantyhose already mentioned that femdom femdomme domme dominatrix my goodness are you still reading? think you get a prize if you get to the bottom? leather cuffs chastity chastity chastity like it so much I'll say it three times :) like to keep penises locked up sometimes in plastic like a CBT6000 or CBT3000 or whatever sometimes I just tie them up myself but what I like best is to cast them up solid myself, so you can't break them free or pry them loose, you just get all hard and don't know what to do! Bet that got you curious 'how does she do that?' you're wondering getting all hard over there but c'mon now just come inside already, this is for googlebot and metacrawler's benefit, not yours, and yet you're still reading, weak little boyboyboy did i miss anything let's see rope casts chastity pantyhose pantyhose pantyhose bodycasts CBT forced feminization I do like to help boys turn transform become docile girls pretty little princess sissy girls sissification chastity training slavery and of course financial domination but most of all what i like to do is strap boys down so they can't move can't escape can't do anything but look up into my eyes and know they're owned and just keep them that's why i'm really the best at this because i love that feeling of control